Levitating Wireless Flow Meter Installation?

I’ve got this (unnecessarily) massive hole for the city’s secondary water access (ignore the purple pipe, it’s just sitting over top of it and will most likely be removed). It’s about 2 feet in diameter and 2-3 feet deep.

As it’s secondary water I don’t need a backflow preventer but I am going to put a filter, immediately on “my side” of the valve, at the bottom of that hole. I have 2 questions about placement of the flow meter I just got

  1. Would there be any issue with the wireless flow meter just kind of levitating above that filter (probably a foot and a half above the ground)? I accomplish this by just running sime 1" poly pipe pipe (what I’m using for the rest of my system) up the side of this hole, then across to the flow meter, continuing across to the other side of the whole, and finally back down (or possibly straight through the side of the white plastic) to my valve boxes.
  2. I’m also planning on installing a hose bib. Would there be any problems having the flow meter installed before the hose bib? I’d just kind of like to have all usage monitored. I assume the system would think there was a leak every time I turn the bib on, but since I don’t plan on using the bib very often I don’t know that it would actually be a bad thing.

@rpn314 - I don’t see an issue with the suspended or levitated wireless flow meter. Just make sure the poly pipe has enough structural integrity to support the wireless flow meter continually (I might have the poly go through the white plastic to provide some support).

That will also help the transmission distance, as earth does diminish the distance the wireless flow meter can transmit to the Rachio unit.

Regarding the hose bib, the wireless flow meter right now just checks once after the schedule is finished for flow (in order to preserve battery life), so I don’t think the wireless flow meter would complain about hose bib use outside of a schedule. During a schedule using the hose bib may generate a high flow alert and a leak alert right as the schedule ends.

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