Lets talk about the Rachio controller and airtime fairness (router setting)

I noticed that my Rachio controller stopped connecting online and it was at that time I also realized there was not Rachio phone support so this left me thinking. What could it be and I reset the controller and nothing? Humm, I wonder if this would be an airtime fairness issue that I have had issues with in the past given my years of beta testing with Big Ass Fans which I think they changed to Haiku Fans given its much more politically correct.

When I updated the setting it came online immediately. So. I have a choice. Have the voice activation on all of my 5 BAF’s in my home or have my Rachio controller working. Everything on my 2.4 GHz networks requires Airtime fairness to be disabled but the Rachio controller. I guess I need to leave it enabled and see how many items will not work with it on? Hope this post helps someone.

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@macmoviemam - there is Rachio phone support, from a different post ->

Our support number is 1-844-472-2446, but they close up shop at 6pm MST.

Run RouteThis and post the code so that a Rachio tech can have more information about your network ->

Which Rachio device is on the network - Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 3?

Thank you for the phone number and I am using the Rachio Generation 2 controller.