Let's see your yards!

Who dosen’t love a fresh cut lawn and some Hunter MP Rotators!

@Arizona peeps, this is my favorite time of year for winter rye grass, right before it’s time to kill it off!


A work in progress:


What are thr purple tree/shrubs? I have a couple of them, and I love them! I didn’t plant them, so I have no idea what they are. I have a spot for a couple more!

They’re Ceanothus (“Ray Hartman” variety). AKA California Lilac.

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This is my Rachio yard!


Thank you for sharing, what a great looking yard!


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First post here. Moved from hunter pro-c to rachio3

I’m hoping that the shade in my yard doesn’t destroy my yard this summer It’s a problem I fight each year. Spring looks awesome. Summer shade, and the ground drying up fast under the trees is something I’m hoping to stay on top of with the Rachio



Another season another power or flex daily

Just like - @tmcgahey say who doesn’t love a fresh cut lawn I love the results of of this schedule and how everything is behaving still doing some tweaks the grass seems really happy and the same time rachio is saving me thousands of dollars since 2014 when I got the first generation that’s when it all started so thank you rachio and thanks everyone in the company for making this possible.


@Anthony Looking great!