Length of power supply cord


Hi, Franz.
Can you check the URL for the 10" extension cable. I’m replacing a system with a similar distance limitation. Thank you.


@jfirstenberg Which URL are you referring to? 10" extension? Both the 25 and 12 ft extensions from earlier in this thread should work fine. Are you looking for a shorter cable?


I was talking about the 10" option that Franz posted from Digikey.


I am guessing you mean 10 foot as that’s what Franz had posted from Digikey. It looks like that’s no longer available. Here’s a 12 foot in stock at Amazon:


Hello everyone. I’d like to resurrect this thread in relation to the Gen 3.

I am fairly illiterate when it comes to electrical componentry (I’m a software guy), so I would appreciate some guidance on extending the power cord for my new Gen 3. My current controller is powered by a series of spliced wires (not done by me) as there is not an outlet near it that I can plug the stock power adapter into.

I notice that the plug size on the Gen 3 has changed from what was discussed here. Does anyone have any new recommendations on extension cables? I want to make sure I get the specs right.



@billman - I don’t have a Gen 3 to compare the plugs, but there are three options for you.

  1. Get a normal AC extension cord long enough to reach from the 120 VAC plug to where the Rachio transformer with its wire can reach the Rachio. This may not work if the plug or Rachio transformer are outside - i.e. it will need to be a totally interior installation.

  2. Cut the wires coming from the Rachio transformer and extend them like the prior installation did. This is low voltage AC (24 VAC). As it is AC (not DC) the polarity (which wire carries the current and which wire is the neutral) doesn’t matter. Again it is low voltage.

  3. Get @Franz or @mckynzee ,etc. to document the size of the plug in the Gen 3 so one can find a cable to extend it with on Amazon/Ebay, etc. Remember that the ending is a right angle plug and not a straight plug for clearance in the unit.


@DLane, thank you for your reply. I am strongly leaning toward option 2, but have so far lacked the “fortitude” to cut the cable. :slight_smile:

I’d like to pursue option 3, so if I can get the specs on the plugs, I’d love it.

Thanks again!



I would also like to know and/or be guided to the cable that I can use to extend the reach.


FYI, based on @DLane’s response, I went ahead and cut the included power supply cable and wired it to my existing cabling.

Happy to report that my Rachio has been working for me for a couple of weeks now - and I’m VERY impressed with it.


i measured the plug on my gen 3 and it was also 2.1x5.5 i forgot to measure the length unfortunately


Would these clear?

Exuun 2-Pack Male DC Power Connector 5.5mm x 2.1mm 12V 14V Power Barrel Jack to 2 Screw Terminal Adapter for CCTV Camera and LED Light Strip (Male DC Power Connector) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F1Q64NZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_waOwBb470B7B4


i can confirm that this extension fits the generation 3 devices. I just came in from the garage installing it