LED strip show standby mode

So I just winterized my sprinklers and put my Rachio 3 in standby mode. Because I’m paranoid I’ve checked the app a few times to make sure it’s in standby. It’d be cool if the LED changed to orange or went off or something else to visibly show the unit is in standby mode.

Saw an older post (from '15) but figured worth bringing up again as it’s now 2018 :slight_smile:


Hey @jwilker!

Thanks for the suggestion. We do currently turn the light bar to a dim blue vs the bright blue, but I can let the team know that a different color all together is a suggestion!

Have an awesome day! :slight_smile:

:cheers: Lo

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huh, well I’ll be it is dimmer, LOL.

I’d definitely love another color or even dimmer to be barely on or something. Thanks for the update though, at least I know what to look for now!


HA! Sneaky little light isn’t it? :joy:

I’ll be sure to let the team know so we can do more research. Thanks @jwilker!!

:cheers: Lo

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This should definitely be a different color!



I would turn the light off.

Then I’d always wonder if the unit has lost power