Learning/correction ability?

So I’ve had several times since I started using the Iro where rain was predicted and the cycle did not run…however it did NOT rain and this results in my lawn not getting the water it needs. It would very cool if we had the option to schedule a “make up” cycle say at near the end of the day (or whatever schedule we wanted) when predicted rain even does not occur. Assuming that Iro could look back at the weather station being used to see if any precipitation (or specified amount) was recorded.

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Are on flex or fixed?

Flex daily should run the next day if this occurs, if that helps.

I am currently on a fixed every 3 days schedule with two different cycles to split up the watering time. The cycles were started one day apart. I’ll consider going back to flex, I just didn’t feel like my lawn was getting enough or that the shorter more frequent waterings where working as my yard is not looking the greatest. I moved to a fixed every 3 days, slightly longer watering interval recently.

Yea, unfortunately that is counter productive for the turf. It doesn’t promote deep root growth. Plus it hard to get off that cycle, you might need to wait for spring growth or at least set up flex with a 4 inch root zone and increase it to 5 in a month and exh month until you get to a healthy length

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