Leaking sprinkler heads on last zone run

I have contacted support, but thought I would post here as well. Here is my email (with a couple edits):

In the past few days I’ve noticed pooling water along my sidewalk and grass in a few areas (and in different zones). It appears that the last zone to run will constantly leak water from the head (particularly on my low-lying two zones). For the one that I noticed was the worst, I manually ran the cycle for 1 minute and let it stop. I observed a steady stream of water coming from the lowest head (and another, but not as bad). I then unplugged the Rachio, and the flow of water stopped. This tells me that my valves are fine, and the rachio is malfunctioning. I have attached two pictures. The first of the head after letting the zone run manually and see the head is covered with water due to the flow (in a video it would be obvious). The second is after I unplugged the Rachio. The water flow has stopped (there still is a little pool of water there, but you can see the other part of the head is not covered - due to flow stopping).

Looks like the pictures got posted in reverse by the way. The first is after I unplugged the controller, the second it after I manually ran the zone.

Ugh, now they look like they are in the right order again…I don’t understand…anyways, I hope you can tell which is which.

@jiggypop Please let me know what Rachio support says in regards to this. If I remember correctly a very small number of units that have had an issue similar, but I don’t remember the exact cause or symptoms. I’m sure with wiring pictures and pictures they will be able to figure out root cause. If it is an issue with the controller they will be able to get one RMAed extremely quick.