Leak Detection - EveryDrop?

I have a StreamLabs water monitor BEFORE my sprinkler line (so it should monitor my indoor and sprinkler lines) but it failed and we had a small but annoying leak in the sprinkler all season.

I have a Rachio Gen3, but I see they discontinued their own wireless monitor. It is not easy to find, but on their site they have this item: EveryDrop Wireless Irrigation Flow Meter

Anyone have positive or negative experience with it? Any other ideas or recommendations?

@MeterManSays posted about this product 18 months ago, but don’t see much else?

EveryDrop does sell both a wired and wireless flowmeter. With the proper signal cable (shielded 2-conductor), I can vouch for the wired version. Rachio has not marketed their own wireless meter for a few years - which was manufactured or licensed by EveryDrop. Exterior wireless is frequently a pain.

Search for EveryDrop in this community. There are lots of users and good info. You need to put your irrigation flow meter on the irrigation (excluding home) water line, somewhere before your valves. Everydrop has a 1" throat, and needs a full pipe and smooth flow before and after the meter.

Thanks @JBTexas - so the Everydrop wired could go inside my house? I have the 1’’ pipe from the main that pokes through my foundation into the ground outside where the valves reside. There is a good 4-5’ straight north/south pipe if you will on my interior wall before it pokes through to go outside.

If so, the meter will be less than 5’ from the Rachio so I can run any kind of wire needed to the controller.

This seems more of a plumber install versus the irrigation/sprinkler company?

Sounds ideal. The EveryDrop will function in any orientation, but if flow through your pipe ever points upward, that’s the best leg to put the meter, as it assures any bubbles (which interfere with flow measurement) are swept away towards your valves. As the meter and its installation parts (unions) are PVC and require accurate cuts in your existing pipe, I’d say a sprinkler expert would fit the bill. If you’re that guy, installation isn’t exceptionally difficult.

Everydrop’s website (everydropmeters.com) shows meters currently out-of-stock, but the meter comes with installation instructions.

I am not a sprinkler guy, just a home owner :slight_smile: I need my plumber to come out to do some other work, so since I think i’ll install this inside it may just be wise to have the plumber do it since he’ll be here already on the call.

It also seems available/in stock on Amazon