Leak Detect - Auto Shutoff

Where you do turn on the auto shutoff feature for when a leak is detected? I can’t find it anywhere in the app.


From the Rachio support pages (but kindly note that the Zones tab is now the Yard tab, so you’ll be tapping Yard and not Zones)

Auto Shut Off

Auto Shut Off disables a zone if high flow (often a high flow leak) is detected. This feature is enabled automatically after successfully calibrating all zones .

To confirm Auto Shut Off is enabled on a particular zone, select the “Zones” tab in the Rachio app, then tap the applicable zone. Tap “Edit” and then “Flow Settings”. From here, toggle “Auto Shut Off” on.


Thanks for the quick reply! I never would have found it under the zone settings on my own.

Still one thing I don’t understand. I have two Racio 3 controllers, both with flow sensors, on two separate properties. I ran the calibration on both controllers and all zones show the calibrated date and flow rate; however, NONE of the zones had the Auto Shut Off enabled. Any idea why they weren’t enabled by default when each system was calibrated?

BTW, I found out that Auto Shut Off was not enabled when one head failed on the first watering after activation (It was fine during activation and calibration). I got the alert that I had high flow but the alert said that the zone was not disabled. After over 25 years of owning irrigation systems, this is a great feature to have!

Thanks again…


I don’t — maybe bugged out is all I can figure since the documented behavior is to turn autoshutoff on after successful calibration.

I bet! I don’t own one but someday, when I’ve got enough value out of my gen 2 controller and get my irrigation up to code with proper back flow prevention (previous home owners messed up and put valves with antisiphon sub grade )