Lawn with Flex Schedule wanting to water daily


Could someone please give me guidance (or to a similar thread with a solution) on setting up a flex schedule that encourages infrequent and deep watering vs daily and short duration waterings?
I have a zone for each of the front and back yards. Both Cool Season Grass, Loamy Sand. Front zone has full sun. Back zone has some shade. Fixed spray heads. Flat slope. Default values for Advance Settings.
I have been running with the Flex schedule since April. Have had cool temps here in Central Oregon until this week. Zones with shrubs and trees seem to be doing fine (infrequent and longer length watering cycle and times).


Hey there @kjkruse. In case you haven’t run across it yet, check out this article:

It sounds like flex is trending like it should, increasing the frequency with the warmer temperatures. If it seems out of line a bit though, the ‘Zone Attribute’ table in the article gives you a pretty good starting point as to which of your parameters might affect the changes that you’re looking for. If you’re sure of your soil and grass type, the root depth might be next up. I’d double check the soil and grass types though as the effect on watering frequency can be significant.

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Is your percip rate correct? How long is the schedule,running,your turf zones?

Soil (loamy sand) and grass type (cool season grass) are correct. Root depth is set at 6 inches.

Precipitation from a nearby weather station seems to be accurate. I don’t know how to verify it though. I don’t know how to look at historical precipitation data in the app.

It wants to run daily, approx. 7-12 minutes in the front and 2-6 minutes in the back yard. Front yard gets full sun and has rotor heads vs backyard gets some shade and has fixed heads.

Last summer (before Rachio) I was watering approx. every third day on my own ‘smart cycle’; breaking up the watering into three segments to allow the water to soak in good. Approx 30 minutes total run time in the front and 12 minutes in the backyard.

Sounds like you are on a water as needed schedule?

But I really want to know what your pr is set to

Yes, using the flex schedule. I first starting using the Iro late last August.

Can you further describe ‘pr’ ?

Wait, so you have been using flex and it all of a sudden started shorting the durations? Or did you recreate the schedule.

Percipitation rate. What head do you have selected in the app?

Front yard has Rotor Head. Back has Fixed.

@kjkruse. Have you found the moisture graphs in the zone setting? Open the graph and look at the details. It will give you the data you referred to regarding historical precipitation, evapotranspiration, etc.

Sorry I’m not being clear. In the rachio app, for a zone, there is a head type. That head type will show a pr, 1 inch per hour, etc. what are yours set to?

Rotor heads in front are 1 in/hour. Fixed heads in back are 1.5 in/hour

Can you post a screenshot of the moisture graph for your front zone?

Sorry, where can I find those? I have the app in an iPhone 6

Go to the zone, select advanced (at bottom) and there is moisture. Select that, the select more details.

I don’t see moisture.

I’m stupid, it’s not under advanced, it’s just on the zone screen.

For starters, your available water seems really low. What is your zip code?

I’m not helping…
zip is 97701