Lawn watering and app issue

Hi all,
Recently I have 2 issues with my Rachio.

  1. I have difference between the information that shown on the"zones" page to information shown o the soil moisture view / history ( few pics attached)

  2. The last few days are very hot in my area ( 38C-40C ) however I have not noticed to any change in my watering frequency ( 3-4 days ), so my grass getting yellow.

can you help me please?
Thanks :slight_smile:


There isn’t enough information from these pictures. Can you also post images of one zone of advanced settings, and the soil moisture table?

the pics are for my first issue.
for my lawn:


What type of grass do you have? And how old is it? Did you measure root depth or is it the default setting?

Hey and thank you :wink:
My grass is st augustine , and it’s 4 years old , I haven’t measured the root depth…

If you search for st Augustine root depth in this forum, people recommend a lower root depth setting, between 4-6 inches (10-15cm). Maybe that could explain the grass getting yellow, because the soil moisture is not accessible by the roots.

The watering that occurred on July 3rd was for the garden zones and not the grass zones. You can expand the soil moisture page and show the details, which includes irrigation, precipitation, and evapotranspiration.

Crop coefficient seems high for warm season grass. The default is 65% for warm season grass.

And finally, have you done any catch cup test to measure the precipitation rate and efficiency of the irrigation? The default in Rachio was way too high for my rotors. I also noticed your efficiency is set to 57%. So not sure if this was measured. The default is 70%.

Hey again ,
I have not done catch cup , I will do it soon.
and about the crop coefficient last time I had the same problem someone here told me to increase it .
Thanks again

Increasing crop coefficient will increase the frequency of watering. You should also check your grass root depth. I recently bought a soil sample tool to get a good sample of soil for analysis, and at the same time, it helped me find out root depth and any compacted areas. Soil compaction can limit root depth and hence it will impact available water for grass.