Lawn treatment/fertilizer tracking

I think it would be great if Rachio would allow to set a treatment (I.e. fertilizer, insecticide etc…) plan and allow tracking when what was applied. I would see it needing a treatment plan and a button to say the lawn was treated and for the user to log what was applied (e.g. fertilizer, fungicide etc…). And keep a log for users to know what was applied when in the past.

With the above idea, pop up a prompt if the user wants to water the lawn since this is a common recommendation of after applying granular product. And allow to schedule/delay for a later time.

Related to the delayed run, at the very least what would be useful is the ability to schedule a quick run for a specific time/day/amount of minutes/hours from now.

And I have to throw it in there, fix the logic so that end at sunrise adjusts the start time based on the run time of the zones scheduled so it actually ends at sunrise.

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