Lawn Thrive, water in time?

Hello, I still have bottles of rachio lawn thrive champion left over. So I applied it today and don’t know how long I’m supposed to water it in. When the product was supported it was taken care of in the app when it would prompt you to do a quick run and if I remember correctly picked the length of time. I realize it’s probably not that important, I have MP rotator sprinkler heads and I’ve decided to put down just a 10 minute run which is 0.1 inches. I’ve done a field test and found my heads put down 0.62 inches per hour

I don’t want to underwater it and leave it up on the blades of grass and have dogs walking all over it and of course I don’t want to overwater it, which I don’t think I will at 0.1 inches The question is should I do another run of some amount of time? It would be nice if Rachio would update the FAQ and give a specific amount of inches of water you should apply afterwards.