Lawn issues

This is the 3rd year I’ve had the Rachio 3 and my lawn doesn’t look so great this year. Right now my back yard is on a fixed schedule every 5 days for an hour and it’s got weird spots in that are white and tan. I’ve treated for fungus twice put down some hydrotain and penterra and also hit it with some micronutrients and still aren’t happy with the results. The front yard is looking even worse then the back. Almost looks overwatered. It’s set on a flex daily schedule with data taken from the soil survey site. Usually ends up watering ever 2-4 days. It looks overwatered. I did the tuna can test and got pretty consistent results of a 1/4” every 15 minutes and adjusted the settings accordingly. Only other thing I was

thinking of doing was adding some ironite and sea kelp. Beyond that I’m out of ideas. Will try to attach pictures. Oh and majority of my grass is Kentucky blue grass with some perennial rye grass.

First 3 pics are from the front and the last 3-4 are from the back yard. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

By looking at your yard overall, I’m not sure that it is a sprinkler or schedule issue…I like the ironite approach. That always instantly greens my yard up. Otherwise, local nurseries sometimes have fertilizer blends (N-P-K) specific to the area and soil type.

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What species of grass do you have? It might not be macronutrients, micronutrients, or water. It could also be temperature or disease related.

Kentucky blue grass and perennial rye.

Where are you located? A lot of areas are currently experiencing well above average temperatures. This could cause the lawn to be stressed and go into dormancy.

Just south of boise. Weather is the same as it always is here Mostly in the 90’s with a few days in the 100’s.

I’m wondering why you say it looks overwatered? To me it looks like underwatering and some heat stress, but of course I’m looking at a photo.

In the past when I have overwatered the grass it would turn kind of a real light shade of green like the water was leaching the nutrients out of it. The pictures don’t show it real well.The front especially shows this weird shade in the grass all over. I do a test with a screw driver almost every day and the soil never feels like it’s getting under watered. I know it’s not an exact science but it’s the best I can do. The watering schedule was created by the flex daily using data from the soil survey site. Appreciate the comment’s so far.

What alerts me is the browning grass around the concrete patio. Concrete gets powerful hot in the sun and I typically see browning and stress within 1-2 feet of my driveway. Do you have a soil thermometer you could use to measure around the patio?

P.S.: is it the browning or the lighter shades of green that bother you? I was focused on the brown and didn’t notice the lighter shades of green. I don’t know what might cause those.

First thing I would of done is dethatch (looks like you need that), then aerate with my shoe aerators and then lay down all that product you mentioned above. Sometimes too much product in the summer can harm the lawn. Best to do it before the heat hits (spring).

The main thing I was concerned about was the much lighter shades of grass in the front. I do not have a soil thermometer but sounds like something that would come in handy for my situation. I also agree about needing a dethatching. I was scheduled earlier this year to have that done along with an aeration unfortunately the company that was supposed to do it rescheduled it and ended up showing up while I was on vacation. My grass was to long by then and they couldn’t come back until the heat really showed up. I’m planning on having both done in late August or sometime in September. Appreciate all the comments and I think most what everyone said is right. Probably a little of everything going on this year. One thing I did do is go through with the Ironite treatment and the backyard especially is responding well. Much nicer and healthier looking shade of green. Front lawn has also beentreated with it and while it’s still not perfect or as nice as the back it definitely looks like it’s improving from the day I took those pics. I think I’m going to stick with the watering schedule and see how it comes along. Appreciate the comments!

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