Lawn Champion missing

I purchased this year’s thrive treatment before the payment/subscription stuff changed. I got all my bottles at once earlier this year.

I went to apply my treatment the other night and found that the app had no place to mark treatment applied. Everything was “Buy lawn champion” I force quit the app a few times, I tapped every section of every screen, gone.

of course now my “Lawn Champion level” Level is 0 …

is there something I’m missing?

Following, same issue here. Just applied and no where to mark.

Opened the app today and BOOM. “Mark as applied” was back. shrug.

Well same problem - no where to be seen on same screen?

If you’re not seeing the “applied” button at the bottom there will be an app update that comes out tomorrow (hopefully, it’s just waiting on Apple review now) that will show the button again.

The banner at the top of the screen will show up if it’s time to apply or if you’re close to your target application date. If you’ve dismissed it, you can force it to re-appear by uninstalling and re-installing the app.

You can also apply your Lawn Champion product and do a manual quick run on the zones you applied it to. If you run each zone for 10 minutes that’ll water the product in and you’ll be all set.