Lawn Champion MIA. Incorrect Information From Rachio

I paid for Lawn Champion in December 2020 and see that I was to receive my first Thrive shipment no later than today (4/26). Last week I chatted with a Rachio CSO who told me that my kit was built and would ship today. I have not received the promised shipping confirmation or tracking number. The CSO also told me the kit would be shipped via UPS. As a UPS Choice subscriber, I do not see a shipment from Rachio coming my way. What did I pay for? When will I get the first kit? What’s the use of the subscription if it isn’t here when my lawn needs the nutrients?

Hey @Colo! So sorry for the awful experience. Would you be up for shooting me a DM with your ticket number and order email?


If it makes you feel better, I ordered some Thrive on app 4/19, and it showed up yesterday with absolutely no notice that it was coming. Sent FedEx, apparently, since there was a FedEx truck in my driveway. So it’s possible that yours will show up tomorrow.

Thank you @philospher77 for the information.

With much help from @laura.bauman and @dane, my order arrived today. I thank them both for the help. :+1:

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