Last Watered Date Incorrect On One Zone

I have three zones. Two of the three zones are showing the correct status. (Watering schedule and previously watered)

One of the two zones is showing that it was last watered back in December, when that is clearly not accurate.

Is this a problem? All three zones were last watered not long ago, but the one backyard aux zone is not updating the last water date.

Thanks in advance.

@xjrguy I had a look at your device logs and you could have a bad solenoid, wiring, or defective unit.

It looks like when that zone starts up the controller panics and reboots.

Please send a picture of your wiring to and reference this thread. If the unit is defective we can get a new one out asap.

One simple test you can do is take the wiring out, run the zone in question end-to-end. If it properly works than wiring/bad solenoid issue. If not, defective unit.


Hi Franz!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I ran the one zone manually tonight for 4 minutes.

The sprinkler came on fine and ran for the allotted time I set. Checked the Rachio and it had blue LED while watering my backyard aux zone.

When it was done, the last watered date reflected today and not December 4th.


Do you see any other issues?

Remember I was the guy with the AC Adapter problem? I’m guessing that was the cause of the reboots you saw.

@xjrguy Can you send a wiring picture to and reference this thread…if the wiring looks ok we should RMA this unit. The power adapter could have damaged it in some way, on bootup of the controller still seeing some information that doesn’t look right. If the validate wiring looks correct I’ll have support RMA the unit tomorrow.