Large tree leaves turning brown

Hey everyone!

I’ve had my Rachio for a few years now and it’s been awesome. One thing that has confused me is trees - I have my lawn and drip systems dialed in but I can’t seem to get my tree schedule right.

For some background, I’m watering a large ficus elasticum in my side yard (Approx 20ft tall, 30ft wide and 6ft across).

I’m using flex daily with the standard settings. I initially had a single bubbler which certainly watered things but I had no measurements to take calculations since I’m not sure how much the bubbler let out.
I have seen since added 4 “deep drip” 26” stakes with 4gph emitters to round things out. I still have the settings under standard with “bubbler” selected. Standard 50% depletion.
I tried researching water requirements for my tree but all I can find is watering for potted plants (ficus elasticum is a popular houseplant, and that may be the origin of the tree from a previous owner).
I wanted to reach out to the community for guidance as to what I should do to change my watering cycles to keep my tree happy.


Here’s the most popularly quoted source for this kind of information…

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