Landscaper Access - Set Future Date

It would be nice to setup a future date, or range, for landscaper access. I worry that I won’t remember the day of to grant access, but would love the option to set it up in advance.

@illbigwill03‌ The webapp does support a future end date, but the start date would start today, effectively creating a range. Is this what you are looking for?

Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback. Thanks!

When a landscaper is provided with access, are you providing them with your login info or are you giving them their own login and password. The later seems desirable.

@bigbiggreendog‌ Neither, all they get is a link with a one time token. No credentials are ever passed. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

@franz I’m hoping to be able to give my landscaper access today for a future date of October 21, but don’t want the access to start today. Ideally, I would only want him to have access only on October 21 to winterize our sprinkler system.

@illbigwill03‌ Unfortunately right now we can’t give access for a single future date, only from now till some date in the future. The best you can do now is setup landscaper access the day before (or day of) and have it expire the next day. I’ll take this to the team and discuss this use case. Thanks and let us know if you have any more feedback.

@franz thanks for the quick reply. I’m anxious to see how great this product works, next summer, as I just purchased a couple of weeks ago.

@illbigwill03‌ After using the Iro, we always appreciate any and all feedback. Have a great winter! :slight_smile:

@illbigwill03‌ @franz‌ - though I had tested this feature as it was being introduced, today was my first real use of it with my irrigation maintenance company. They came to winterize my system.

They booked a bit of extra time with me today as they knew I had a new controller (IRO) and they have an interest in seeing how it worked. I first walked them through all the granular controls it has for the zones, head types, soil types, slope, etc. I showed them how the seasonal adjustments work.

I then created a temporary account and sent them the email. They received it on their smartphone. I showed them how to select each zone and set a duration. I like that the duration stuck as they changed zones as they let it run for 4 minutes per zone. Everything worked as expected and they were quite impressed. They are Hunter resellers and they can start to see the benefits of network connected system.

@SteinyD‌ Fantastic, awesome to hear ‘out in the wild’ stories!

Thanks for passing along this story :slight_smile:

Hi all-
I’m currently going through product suggestions, and wanted to let you know (if you didn’t know already) that this feature has been added. For more information on how to give your landscaper temporary access, please look here! I will be locking this topic, if you have any questions about it please feel free to PM me.
Thanks for the input- happy posting!

McKynzee :rachio:

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