Landscape lighting zones

are there any plans to support schedules other than watering? I would like to use my rachio to control different landscape lightings. First I would need to be able to to turn more than one zone at the same time. Second I would like Lighting zone not to mingle with watering and effect logs or depend on weather.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’ve had this request in the past and it is definitely in our backlog. It makes a lot of sense.

Will be sure the product team sees this :wink:


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Why don’t you shoot for true home automation controller for your landscape lights? They provide far more flexibility than iro could ever hope provide.

This would also allow landscape lights to continue to work after you put the iro into standby for the winter

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iro is such capable device and can be easily expanded beyond simple irrigation controller. hardware is there all it is software capabilities to give it programing flexibility. I live in Los Angeles so my iro is always on :smile:

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True but to expect iro to support a photo cell is a bit much but supported by lots of automation systems for turning on lights at night. If you go,with a home automation system you could do things like I have done by hooking a motion sensor to turn,on,your landscape lights between the hours of 1 am to sunrise. Or engage geofencing to close your garage door when you leave. I also have my thermostat downstairs warm up at 5 am for my wife in the morning, plus turn on a few lights if and only if the outside temp is below 60 (I’m not onboard with nest quite yet).

These are things that the iro could never do for you, and shouldn’t.

But I understand where you are coming from, I do, I’m just selfish and want more water saving features like flow sensors, well pump delays and some type of moisture sensor that is affordable and not a turd. Oh and HomeKit integration would be the bomb.

Now if rachio built a home,automation system, I would invest, all in…I like their style.

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