Landscape lighting controller suggestions

I know this is off topic irrigation-wise, but does anyone have any recommendations for the landscape lighting version of what Rachio offers? The closest thing I’ve found is a company called Luxor. I would love to have something as powerful and intuitive for landscape lighting as Rachio has been for my irritation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS - And Rachio, if you’re listening, maybe this is your next product? :wink:

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I use the Luxor technology. I love that I can get tons of different colors on my lights, I can set up each one individually, and I can set up themes to turn in. What I don’t like is that they are in no way as sophistcated with their app. I can only control the lights from my app when I am on my home network. And while I can set up themes that will be kept,many other changes I make to my lighting only last for that cycle. And I have to be on my home network to turn those changes on.

For example, I have a theme set up for tHe Fourth of July to do red, white and blue. But I really just wanted it on for a few days. Couldn’t do that. I would have had to set it up at the box outside my house before I left, and then leave that theme running until I returned home (almost 3 weeks later). So I didn’t do it.

It makes me REALLY appreciate the Rachio mobile app!!!


@Fitnessmentor. I use an Intermatic CA3750 ( my lights and pool pump. One unit controls both. It requires zwave controller, which I already had as part of my security system.

Once installed I can set up schedules. Mine are set to turn on at dusk for the lights, so the start time changes as seasons change, but they shut off at the same time while I’m in bed. The pool pump runs on a fixed schedule. I don’t have the cool multi colored lights like @Linn, so beware that the CA-3750 wouldn’t be able to control colors. It simple controls dry contact switches, which in my case runs on 240V AC to the pump and 120V AC to the lighting transformer. It should also be able to control lower voltages as well.

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If you just want to turn a transformer on or off and the outlet is protected you could use a WEMO switch. If the lighting is controlled from inside the house with a normal light switch you can replace it with a WEMO switch. Another method is to plug a WEMO module into an outlet and then plug the device into the WEMO module. There are free apps for iOS , Android and even Windows.

I personally like raspberry pi with zwave, there is openhab or zway that sits on top. I’m a fan of zwave because it’s been around a while and have had 2 revs in the protocol without breaking backward compatibility. Plus there are many things you can do with zwave.

I have a lot of zwave devices, a smartthings hub, and Amazon Echo setup at home.
The smartthings home automation is cool, when it actually works.

For the outdoor lighting I have a simple solution, a honeywell wall timer/switch that turns the lights on/off at a set time before or after sunset. It uses your lat/longitude to adjust for the seasons. No cloud integration or internet required.

i hear ya, but i like my outdoor lighting to trigger when my motion detector trips. and still doesnt need the cloud.