Landscape Lighting Control

It would be great if this app / product could be expanded to include 120VAC 10A relays so that landscape lightning controls could be integrated into this product.line. It would be great to have a single system instead of 2 separate systems from different companies. What do you all think of this suggestion?

I actually do not think this is a system I want to combine. I can already create the relationship with different automation systems. However, I struggle with a correlation between irrigation and illumination. Additionally the more you expect one product to do the bigger the failure when it happens.

Personally, I use Philips Hue outdoor lighting, and I can already tell you there is no chance Rachio could bring any system out that would be the same. I believe Rachio could do it, but recognition and name would need to be built.

I would rather build a central interface where all my IoT can be managed. And I infrequently even open the irrigation application, as I see it more of a set it and forget it type system. And the true test for me is if I actually never really need to be in the application and tinkering,


No for me. My FX Luminaire system using Luxor has all sorts of features that I would never want Rachio to invest their time in – groups, themes, custom colors for each light, several different ways of customizing schedules. I DO wish I could get FX Luminaire to talk with the technical staff of Rachio to get their app working better. With Rachio I can connect anywhere in the world to my home system, but with Luxor I can only connect when I’m connected to my home network. Sigh …

My thought was a simple lighting control schedule (time of use with photocell input). Would be very simple to add.

I tend to agree that I would not want Rachio to divert resources for that, I would rather have them focused on making the irrigation system smarter and smarter :slight_smile:

That said, if you want to use the Rachio controller for lightning control, you can easily do that by connecting relays with 24VAC input to the valve output terminals, then create fixed schedules for these valve outputs.

Something like the ones below would probably do the trick.

Issue with anything like this, is that you can not have any watering zones run during the time your lights are on. If you want them on dusk to dawn, you cut out a lot of watering time…

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Good point, I forgot Rachio cannot run several zones at the same time

To be very honest but I would love to see out of Rachio Would be some ingenuity around applying fertilizers and soil improvements through the water delivery system perhaps a series of bins or valves you could attach liquid fertilizer is too so they were dispensed through your zones overtime

I’m all for the idea, but the issue I see is that many already complain that Rachio is too complex and hard to set up. Start adding fertilization, and injection pumps, and you’ll blow peoples minds! Rachio support would be taking calls 24/7.

Why stop with lighting control? HVAC integration, security, solar, television, toast? The possibilities are endless.

I totally dig the possibility of having it available for much more functions.

I think it’s always easier to use some services and have them have everything you need.

IFTTT can help integrate multiple IoT systems.