Knock Knock. Who's There? V4!

I am also not seeing the start times for the zones or when the “soak times” occur. I like seeing/knowing that and without it I’d prefer to uninstall the new update and go back to the older version.

Hey @harcosk and @Kaufmanrider!

Currently, upcoming start times don’t exist, but they should be coming to the Day View in a future update.

Until then: In the Day View, you can see a list of anticipated schedules for the day, broken down by zone run time and total soak & run time. That, paired with that schedule’s run settings, you can make some assumptions

For example, my “Back + Front Yard Flex Daily” schedule will soak for 19 minutes and run for 3 hours and 22 minutes. My preferred run time for that schedule is End Before Sunrise so I can assume that it’ll run around 3 or 4 a.m. You’ll be able to skip those schedules from that view if needed.

Keep an eye out for updates in the future with additions to Day View!

This is great! Very helpful to have both the past and future waterings listed along the calendar line. No need to dive down into the history log for most purposes.

And with it being very obvious which zones were watered for any given schedule in the Day View, it now becomes more practical to have all my Flex Daily zones run by a single schedule (instead of having one Flex Daily schedule per zone). This would allow me to use the End Before Sunrise option for all my Flex Daily zones.

However, one drawback to this is that the number under the schedule icon reflects the number of schedules run that day, not the number of zones. So if I combine my zones under one Flex Daily schedule, there will be no indication on the home page of the number of zones watered on any given day and I will need to go to the Day View. My preference would be to have that number reflect the number of zones watered, as being more important than the number of schedules run.

And I too miss the start times.

But overall, great job! And excellent design!



Thank you so much for the awesome feedback and support, @dmcr :slight_smile:

GREAT point!! I can totally see how that would be either confusing or inconvenient! Sharing with the product team :slight_smile:


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I don’t see the feature any more to start an immediate Quick Run on a saved calendared schedule. I can still do it for an inidividual zone, but not for an entire schedule. Was that removed in V4?

Did V4 fix “finish before sunrise” so it calculates the start time to be based on the number of zones and the time they need to run instead of every zone’s possible max runtime added together?

I love the idea about loading in the schedule for fertilizing, aeration, etc. overselling, etc. It would keep me on track each year.


@scorp508 I was wondering about that too. Especially if start times are not provided.

But I am sure it didn’t. I would not expect that fix to be in the mobile app.

I guessing that’s a change for either the controller or their back end infrastructure. Without knowing the application architecture I can only assume it’s on backend infrastructure where scheduling smarts happen.

It would be helpful for @franz to actually reply to one of the many threads on this topic explaining the complexity otherwise we all just think they’re not listening to their customers.

Will this do things like pop-up notifications “Hey, this is a common time of year to seed/fertilize/aerate/dethatch/lime/etc. in your area based on normal weather conditions.” It’d be slick if we could turn on/off items we like to do yearly and have this keep a log of when they were done and do reminders.

Imho, Rachio is the perfect platform to advise on the spring feeding. I don’t know the typical US habits, but in my part of the world, there is a recommendation when to apply the first fertilizer: Starting on 01/01, we add the daily average temperature of all days, and when the sum reaches 150, it’s time for the first fertilizer to ensure an optimum start. It’s calculated in °C, so there would be some math to it. The threshold is valid for cold-season grasses.

That would be lawn-smart :slight_smile:


I second that.
The most useful would be to see the numbers corresponding to the zones being watered, regardless of schedule.
For example if one schedule water zones 1 & 2 and one schedule waters zone 5 and they happen to both run the same day, we should see 1,2,5 under the icon, eventually find a visual way to show which are in the same schedule with color or circle around them (1,2)(5)


May seem silly but I’d like to be able to change the colors of each schedule to whatever color I want. Right now I have three schedules.

One is a fixed schedule so it’s one color.

But the other two, one ends before sunrise and one starts after sunset, (One for grass and one for shrubs) are the same color on the calendar and everywhere else so I can not easily see which might be running on any given day.

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I noticed that the scheduled run times are now available. Thank you!
I need the run times to remind me when to turn on the main valve to the irrigation system. I have a leak under my driveway that I have not fixed yet. I could use the “master” valve controller, but I haven’t gotten around to get that purchased/installed either. :rofl: