Keeping slope at steep

Are there any downsides to keeping the slope always set to “steep” regardless of the actual angle?

Usually just forces a cycle soak for a zone…

I understand that. But why not always have a soak when watering, are there any bad side-effects? I understand that sometimes folks want to finish a cycle as quickly as possible (e.g. to be able to use the land), but other than that, why shouldn’t we always soak?

Just long “run times” A large slope, depending on nozzle precipitation rate could cause multiple cycle soaks for a schedule. Each cycle soak is 30 minutes, so you could have a schedule that is in excess of an hour or more, which could cause interference with other schedules.

Other than that, no issues that I could think of…

Cool, thanks! I only have a single flex daily schedule for all my zones, so interference isn’t an issue and I do watering over night, so I don’t really care about run times. I think I’m going to try changing all zones to steep slopes for better water absorption and see what happens. Maybe in the end this will somehow result in better water conservation (i.e. lower bills).

But this brings another question: if there are multiple zones, is Rachio smart enough not to let two zones on different schedules run concurrently (or double-watering the same zone in the unlikely event it happened to be on two different schedules AND schedule to run on the same day )?

As long as those to schedules aren’t fixes, you shouldn’t have any issues. A zone can only be in ONE flex daily schedule at a time, but can be in as many fixed schedules as you care to make. It will run all the fixed schedules you set up, but it won’t run the Flex schedule since it will see the zone oversaturated.

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