Keep history in calendar view?

Now that im getting more comfortable with this thing ill be checking it less often. It would be nice to see past runs in calendar form so if i want to glance at the schedule i could see how many days its run for the last couple of weeks to a month. As is now the history is a bit too detailed and would take some time to decipher.

Just a thought.


Strongly agreed

I completely agree with this suggestion. Just to add to this, there are times when I have the same zone run a few times in a day when seeding a lawn and it would be nice to see the day and times that each zone has run. Maybe you could list the zone with the amount of run time right next to it for each time it ran that day.

There is a IFTTT applet to track rachio watering in a google document. Good workaround until this functionality is rolled out.

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I just logged into Rachio for the first time in a while (because it’s winter so I’ve been mostly ignoring it), and to my pleasant surprise I found the calendar now shows history of days it watered and days it skipped due to temperature or wind!

Nice Job guys, and thank you!




I would like to see the history too. But I don’t see it?

Navigate —> More> --> History.


Yes, that’s a list of historical events. But not the calendar view of events that this post talks about?

This view? If you tap on the days it shows past/future events?


Yes. That view. I don’t see that view at

Oh OK, yea the web app does not have parity with the mobile apps. No current plans on the roadmap to have it matching mobile.


Just wanted to stop by the community to say thank you for all the hard work and for listening to your customers. Implementing features that your customers have asked for has really moved Rachio to the top!
Thank you for putting out such a great product!