Keep All Lawn Zones On Same Schedule

Is there a way to have all my lawn zones water on the same day? I was doing some testing on my zones between waterings and it threw the scheduling off so that 1 of my 3 lawn zones watered a day later than the other two. It is just a little hard to plan mowing and stuff if the zones water different days.

@Bearded4Glory - that is how Flex is supposed to work - only water when necessary. If you want to preserve a day for mowing, then don’t allow watering on that day.

I mean yes and no. The three zones have the same settings and are located right next to one another. Running one zone for a minute or two to test it shouldn’t force it out of sync with the other zones. That is really silly. It would be nice to group zones so they always run together but one might put down a little more or less water to account for slight differences like testing the sprinklers for a minute.

I could understand if one zone was shade and one full sun that they would run at different intervals. Even then it might be annoying.

I actually prefer to mow the evening after a watering as the water stands the grass up nicely to be cut.

Annoying, but it’s keeping track of the actual water put down, so that is actually a good thing. If you really want them to all three be back together again, you can either do a FILL or an EMPTY on all 3 zones, whichever is more appropriate.


We here in far north California mow mid morning when the dew and irrigation water has dried and the blades of grass are standing tall filling the sun. Mowing or watering in the evening would harm the turf and create fungus or mold up here.

I have quite a bit of shade, it usually takes a while until it is dry enough to mow. I haven’t noticed any negative effects. I usually mow once on the weekend, usually mid morning and once during the week when I get home from work between 4-6 depending on the how hot it is.