K-Rain Rotary Nozzles

I just recently ordered and installed 6 of these heads as they sounded like they were a good water conserving head. Well after a few weeks of trying to get them to work I e-mailed the company and they are sending me out 6 new ones and they want me to send my old ones back for them to see what is causing them not to rotate. I have not received my new ones yet and so am really interested see if these have the same issue. Has anyone used the sprinkler heads yet, and if so how do you like them.

Just to set your expectations…all the rotary heads claim water savings, but your yard needs as much water as it needs…they usually put down less inches per hour, so you will need to bump your time up (or let Flex daily adjust with new PR settings). The savings comes from a more uniform spray, and less loss of water due to misting. I am a big proponent of rotary nozzles though. I think they are much easier to dial in and work very well. Just don’t expect 50% savings in water…

Do you know the pressure of your system? I’m not 100% sure on the K-rains, but others can have spinning issues with pressure too low, or too high…

@Dalewaite, @tmcgahey brings up a good number of points.

Will you keep us posted when you get them? Also, let me know if you have any trouble getting the replacements.

I order 9 of these and am not impressed. the specified range is shorter that what is advertised and you can’t get a complete 360 out of them, more like 340.
I have the throw set to max and still don’t get the coverage i was getting with my old heads

Which model did you order, and what distance do you need to get overlapping coverage?

Again, I have no used K-Rain specifically, but rotary nozzles are picky about pressure. Too little, or even too much can adversely affect their performance. Do you know what pressure your system has?