Just set mine up today, first impressions and suggestions. (changes for zone list and home screen)

I just got my system set up today and so far I’m very impressed. I currently have nest, nexia, skybell, alarm.com and smartstart, so I am not new to home/auto automation :slight_smile: Here are a few things I noticed when setting up:

Wiring: terminals should be labeled, wire label stickers should be provided, app should have a photo of current wire hook up (nest does this) the various wire colors could make this difficult. But just say wire color will vary.

WiFi set up - couldn’t be easier

Zone set up - couldn’t be easier, really liked this!

Zone list - I would like to reorder my zones, I didn’t know which zones equal which wires and now I have my right lawn and left lawn in-between my backyard in the zone list. I should be able to drag and drop them in any order I choose. I would also like to have the ability to hide zones from the list. It’s cool that I can disable zones and they go to the bottom of the list and gray out but when I have zones that aren’t hooked up I would like the option to hide them. I guess you would have to add an option to show all zones in the settings. The zone number should still be present after renaming the zone. Maybe just a Z1 in gray or something.

Scheduling - couldn’t be easier really liked it. But why can’t I make my own order for watering? Maybe I always want my front yard to be watered first. Or all my grass first. Is the idea that I would set up multiple schedules? That seems cumbersome.

App Menu and Settings - history, zones, water times and sleep mode should all be menu items not in settings. “Add a device” should be in settings not in the menu.

Home Screen - nuke the product pic, it’s using valuable space. We own the device we know what it looks like. This would allow you to make the rain delay and refresh white and they would pop out more. Since I can name my schedules it would be nice to see the enabled schedule name listed on the home screen. Today’s date, time and weather would be nice too. (I know current weather is on there) The play button should be replaced with something else. At first I though if I pushed it a video would play. Maybe a run button would be better. Once you push it and set the time it would turn green until done. Think Apples timer function. Current status would be cool to, what zone is running and how much time is left, next zone up. Not sure if it already does that or not.

All in all this is a great addition to my smart home! I like it so much I’m buying one for my dad for his birthday later this month!

Keep up the good work and I look forward to future updates. Not to mention showing all my friends and co-workers what I can do!

Thanks for listening,

@Smokinfish‌ Thanks so much for your detailed review. Your feedback is awesome and we will take it to heart as we continue to iterate on our apps.

Again, really appreciate this feedback. This is the type of info that allows us continue to improve the experience.

Thank you Chris and thanks for responding. Before buying any smart product I always check the forums to see how the company responds to their customers. Not only on the forums but how updates correspond with customer feedback. Your team seems to be engaged and more importantly has the desire to continue improving your software with each version. Something larger companies struggle with.

@Smokinfish‌ We know how important our customers are. You all are the reason we exist.

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