Just ordered a Racio 3e and outdoor enclosure

I considered the 3 and the 3e models but for a small yard with 4 watering zones the 3e looks like it will do everything I need. I am replacing another manufacturer’s smart controller that just didn’t work out. I look forward to trying the Rachio and seeing how it compares.

I was a little disappointed that you have to buy the outdoor enclosure separately but I suppose that helps keep the cost down. I will have to use the power cord from my old Hunter X-Core outdoor model. This just seems clunky that you have to supply your own power cord and strain relief grommet if I am reading correctly.

I was wondering if both PWS and Weather Underground stations are included in the Rachio database for setting the “home” weather station? There are three WU stations less than a mile from my location but on my other controller they did not show up on the map. I think they only used the Aeris Weather list. Eventually I will be installing my own Davis station that I brought with me here to Florida. I just haven’t decided where to mount it yet.

It looks like the weather stations available on the Rachio 3e are the same ones from Aeris that were available available on my Orbit B-Hyve. The nearest stations to me are about 4.5 miles away. There are 3 closer stations on WU but they must not be uploading to PWS.

I like the 3e very much. I just had my first rain skip occur today!