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I just got my Rachio installed last weekend (coming from a CyberRain Pro) and it all seems to work well - I picked a fixed schedule since the Flex option (at default) had me watering 10x more than my fixed schedule from the Cyber. Here is my question. On a daily basis the CyberRain would decrease the times watered due to temperature and humidity. Does the Rachio do that? It seems like each day so far has been full watering times. Now - it is warm out right now so maybe that is the case, but I just wanted to get clarification that I don’t have to use the Flex scheduling option to get water savings based on weather (not just rain).



at the same frequency?

@mathewbeall, good question. No, the Iro does not adjust the watering duration, only the frequency of waterings. For details on Flex Schedules, please refer to this support article.

Fixed schedules will skip schedules based on your Weather Intelligence settings. You can enable the Water Budgeting feature for automated weekly seasonal adjustments.

Just curious, did you configure all of your zones with the correct vegetation, soil type, nozzle (precip rate), etc?

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I do have Water Budgeting enabled - so that will (looks like on a weekly basis) adjust the times it waters - even on the fixed schedule?

And I did correct vegetation (as much as I could - many of my zones are mixed), soil type and nozzles - but square footage defaults to 1000 sq ft - most of my zones are much smaller than that - so I need to go measure and go from there.


I modified the square footage and it dropped the times down to what I would consider more reasonable. So I will try with one of my zones on flex schedule to see how it goes.

On another unrelated topic - how do I tell what type of soil I have? It seems kind of sandy to me - but it also doesn’t soak up much water (which I assume means it has clay in it).


Yep! Water Budgeting only works on Fixed Schedules as Flex Schedules adjust on a daily basis.

Ah. That makes it difficult to configure. I’d recommend setting up custom nozzles for each zone if you’re able to find the total water output in gallons for each zone.

There’s a good online resource that can tell you what kind of soil is native to your area. Keep in mind that if you’ve had your awn landscaped, there was probably some soil prep performed before planting was done. As such, this usually adds some loam to your soil mix. For more details on the online resource, please refer to this community post.

Alternatively, this is a great chart for figuring out what type of soil you have: