Just installed Rachio Gen 2 and zones won't run, won't allow me to setup watering schedule either

I just replaced a Hunter controller I had with the Rachio Gen 2 and none of the zones will work when I try to “set up zones” so it can run each zone individually. Also, the app nor the website will allow me to create a new watering schedule. I click create on the last section and the circles just keep animating and then nothing (it keeps me on the same page and I hit submit again but nothing once more).

I connected all the wires to the correct zones using the picture I took to keep track of colors/zones, I also connected the white wire that was connected to “com” on the Hunter controller to the “C” on the Rachio. The power cable is on correctly and my device is online and connected. I tried switching the white wire to the other “C” and the first light turned blue while it was disconnected and then turned back off after reconnected. All zone wires are also inserted properly as far as I can tell, I try pulling on them and they will not move.

All of the zones were working properly just yesterday when the Hunter controller was controlling them.

Please help, thanks.


Can you send before/after wiring pictures to support@rachio.com with this same description of the problem?

They will be able to help diagnose the problem.


Thank you for your reply. I’ve e-mailed them this morning with pictures as requested.

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