Just Installed! Issue with Irritrol Wireless Rain Sensor Notification

Just want to say WOW to an awesome product! Can’t wait for that 2.0 update. The installation was so simple, just like connecting my Nest! Not sure if it’s an issue yet but I am not receiving any notifications in History from my Irritrol Wireless Rain Sensor. I followed the images on this page: http://support.rachio.com/article/362-irritrol-wireless-rain-sensor for connection and I successfully get a Power light, Signal light, and Sensor Status Rain light when I press the Test spindle on the wireless transmitter (@ least I am now that I replaced the batteries). :blush:
However, I do not get a message of a Rain Delay under History when I do the test. Haven’t had rain so I haven’t put it to the real test. Just assumed from what I read that even during a test it would report it in History. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


Thanks for reaching out to us. We are very pleased that you are enjoying your Iro so far! Happy to hear the install went smoothly.

Have you enabled the rain sensor toggle in the app by chance? This can be found in the Advanced settings in the app. (Three dots in the upper right hand corner of the app home page, then Advanced.) That would be my first guess. Also I would make sure that you have the notification set in your Settings, “the status of my rain sensor changes.” This is off by default so be sure you enable that. (Three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner of the home page, then Settings.)

Let me know if you are still having issues after you try these.

Thanks John.


Guess I should have mentioned that I had taken those necessary steps of enabling ALL the Alerts and Notifications under Preferences and had also Enabled the Connected Rain Sensor under Advanced Device Settings. Sorry for the incomplete info.

Hi @johnesc, hmm, sounds like the transmitter isn’t sending the message back to the Iro that it’s sensed rain. I’m curious if we maybe have a wire that isn’t making a good connection? Perhaps you could post or email us [support@rachio.com] a few photos of your wiring to double check? If the common wire between the sprinkler system and wire sensor is shared, we might need to separate them.

Let me know your thoughts.

Best, Emil

Hi @emil, I set it up just as the Iro’s Irritrol Support page showed. Here are my images:
And the Yellow wire isn’t used… Also just noticed that after removing the front plate off the Iro to take photo and placing it back on and powering it up, the Irritrol Receiver was only showing a Power light and no Signal light.
I tried disconnecting all the wires and replacing them, I also tried switching the Red wires since there are 2 exactly the same but it didn’t make a difference either. What do you think?

I have the exact same issue. Mine is wired as the picture, My sprinkler never activates as all it says is “sensor Activated” and we have had no rain for over a week. Not sure what is wrong.

@johnesc, very sorry for missing your reply. Are you still having trouble with your rain sensor? If the power light is coming on, that’s good! The signal light will only turn on with the rain sensor is activated (i.e. triggered by rain). Is the rain sensor in a location where you could perform a manual test? Happy to give you a call to help troubleshoot in more detail.

@sailordavid, thanks for refreshing this post. From the sounds of it, your rain sensor is still drying out and hasn’t turned off yet. I’m not sure if you’ve checked the history feed yet, but we could see if we maybe just missed seeing the “It has stopped raining” message.

Assuming your rain sensor is still active, we might need to clean it, adjust it’s settings (a movable window that controls how quickly the internal discs dry out means, most sensors have a twisty collar at the base that either covers up or reveals the air vent, adjusting the speed of drying time and return to normal watering), and/or test it.

Just curious, what do you have the sensitivity set to? If it’s at 1/8", can we try 1/4" or 1/2" and see the same feedback is experienced?

I’d be happy to review your account in more detail if you’d like to double check. If so, please email our support team [support@rachio.com] and copy the URL from this discussion for reference.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Emil