Just installed and not working

Howzit…so I removed rain sensors, changed pump setting and nothing is working!!! Please assist!!

Pump setting? If that lonely blue wire in the middle belongs to a pump relay and not 17th zone, than it may feel right at home being connected to the M terminal.

Do you happen to have the picture of your old setup?


@Jviscito Hi there! Do you actually have a pump on your property? If so you will need to wire it into the rachio through a pump relay. The wire will go into the M terminal of the device. Once completed you should login to the Rachio app and enable the master valve/pump in the device settings. This article may be of some more help.

I had the pump wire in the slot and that didn’t work either. Picture of what I had prior.


@Jviscito Do you have just a pump, or do you have a pump relay as well? A pump relay is needed in order to increase the voltage needed to activate a pump (the Rachio only puts out 24V AC, and a pump will need normal household voltage to run). Is the big white wire the common wire for the pump, or is in a zone common?

The Rachio will not be able to water if the system isn’t actually receiving water from somewhere, so we need to get your pump up and running, unless you get your water from the city now perhaps? If you have a pump relay, please post a picture so we can take a closer look.

It won’t let me upload a pic…

Are you on the phone? If so there is upload button on lower right. On the computer, you should be able to just drag and drop the picture into the message.

Do you get any error?

Sorry to hear you are having troubles uploading a picture to the forums. If you would like some more immediate assistance you may just want to send in a support ticket and upload the pictures to your email. I also recommend adding this community post to your message.

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