Just Installed and No Sprinking replaced Hunter SRC Plus

Gen 2 Controller

Connected to WiFi and set up account fine. Sprinkler was working with Hunter SRC Plus.

I wired all the stations and common. The Hunter system had AC wired directly. (Wired to the same terminals where AC power from the plug was wired.)

Any advice? (I thought this would be the easy part.)

Basically, I am not sure what to do with the four terminals to the left. The red and white were wired to AC power directly. The aqua wire to R and brown and white wires together with RS.

@lonestarjacket - Thanks for posting the SRC manual - save me from going to find it!

Here is my guess - move the white wire that was in the SRC RC terminal to a Rachio C terminal (see page 8 of the SRC manual).

Do you want to have the rain sensor connected to the Rachio? If so, then move the black wire from the SRC C terminal to the Rachio SC terminal and the brown wire from the SRC RC terminal to a Rachio sensor terminal (e.g. S1). If not, don’t worry about this.

I think the aqua wire is for a Hunter remote control device - not needed on the Rachio. See page 9 of the SRC manual.

If that didn’t work (it should), post a picture of the Rachio wiring and I’ll take a second shot at it.


Thanks. Worked great.

I am skipping the rain sensor since I don’t think it worked right and prefer to rely on weather forecasts.

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@lonestarjacket - Thanks for letting the community know that fixed it. Enjoy and welcome to the community.