Just bought a home and can not connect my rachio

I just bought a home that has a rachio (not sure what model it is). Says it’s offline and tried to connect to it. I have highspeed fiber internet and when I pull it up on my iphone there is no Guest or 2k. Can someone from rachio contact me or come out and get me hooked up. I am not tech savy either.

@TravelGal If you can explain what steps you have taken so far to try to connect to your wifi network people may be able to help. And if you post a photo of your Rachio with the cover off people may be able to help you identify which model you have.

Also what is the model of iphone you are using? There is an issue connecting Rachio 3 controllers to home networks with newer iOS and Samsung Android phones and tablets. The good news is that the issue has been resolved through a firmware update on the Rachio 3. However, the controller has to connect online in order to receive the firmware update.

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@TravelGal - I’ve walked plenty of folks through set up issues before. Rachio support is also good - send them an email at support or call their toll free number. As @Alturia stated, post a photo of the device, some info about what you’ve done and I think we’ll be able to get you going.

Also, one can download the RouteThis app and run it - use the code RACH. This app will check your network for known issues. Rachio can use the code it generates to see if there are any issues with your network.

I have tried unplugging and then I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I just can not figure out how to get this thing going and my grass is dying.

@TravelGal - That is a Gen 2 Rachio.

See these articles ->

Perform the WiFi reset, configure with the new WiFi settings and you should be good to go.

Did anyone else notice the broken wires in photo #2? There is a wire connected to one C terminal and then what appears to be a broken wire in the 2nd C terminal. And then there appear to be 2 broken zone wires.

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@Alturia - Yes, I did. However, those wires won’t impact the device joining the owner’s WiFi. Gen 2 devices sometimes had issues releasing a wire, so seeing them cut off isn’t a huge concern - unless zones aren’t working.

@TravelGal - has the manual process been used to run zones using the buttons on the interface? This way we can see if all areas get watered or if we need to deal with any broken wires.

Thank you all for the help with troubleshooting this problem. I was able to connect it to my WiFi this afternoon, after reading and carefully following the directions from support. I have it set to start running in the morning before sunrise. Let’s hope everything works out great.

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