Just assumed an installed working system, after changing WiFi sprinklers wont come on

I just bought a home which included a working sprinkler system with a Gen 1 controller. After changing the WiFi to my new network using the app on my phone the sprinklers will not come although the systems says they are working.

@franksapp - so it was working immediately before the WiFi was changed (just making sure there isn’t a second meter or a valve where the water was turned off right before transfer of the device)? After power cycling the Gen 1 device what is the status of the lights?

That is correct. The power light is on. The Wifi and status lights are off. According to the app the network configuration was completed successfully.

@franksapp - if the Rachio is power cycled does the WiFi light blink green(http://support.rachio.com/article/90-wifi-light-color-codes). From the wiring pictures, which is installed a master valve or a pump start relay?

My apologies but I do not know the answer to that question. I did go into the advanced settings and enabled the Master Valve/Pump setting if that is why your asking.

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Hey @franksapp-

Do you mind running a zone and telling me if the status light turns blue? Also, if you could give that front plate a solid push to make sure it’s completely connected to the back plate, that would be great! Let me know.

McKynzee :rachio:

Reset the cover several times! The status light does go blue when I manually start a zone.

Hey @franksapp-

After reviewing your account, it looks like the Master Valve is disabled in your app, but you do have one installed on your system. Do you mind enabling that and letting me know if that resolves the issue? Master valve can be found by going Device Settings > Advanced > Master Valve in the mobile app, or simply selecting Device Settings in the web app.

McKynzee :rachio:

Tried that last night and again just now both through the app and the web site but nothing comes on. I must still be missing something.

@franksapp - a pump start relay is used where there is a separate pump that provides water to the irrigation system when called for by the controller from a well or canal water source. The relay is powered by 24 VAC current to turn on the 120VAC or 220VAC current the pump actually needs to run. A master valve is a separate valve that cuts off the water pressure to the manifold of other valves or it can be a indexing valve (more common in Florida) (http://support.rachio.com/article/473-advanced-wiring).

Therefore, if there is a master valve not letting the water through to the zone manifold the Rachio unit will think it is watering when no water is coming out.

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@franksapp At this point it seems like this would be more effectively resolved with our support team. You can shoot them and email with this thread included at support@rachio.com, or schedule a call here with one of our wiring specialists. They will get everything sorted out quickly!

I finally got the system to work. After enabling the master pump/valve setting I needed to power cycle the controller. After that it started working. Thanks to all who assisted and educated me!


Glad to hear you are back up and running @franksapp!