It's not often you get a good look at a tbone

Utilities work has begun, it’s not often you get to see your soils composition, I’m most impress d with their clean work


Wow! Isn’t it gonna be hard to stitch that artificial turf back together though?


I would be worried, but I’m a master seamstress.

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Is the darker soil just where the soil is wet?

Here’s a pic I got this weekend of Austin, TX soil at Jester King Brewery A beautiful layer of some nice black soil, then what looks like a layer of clay, and then nothing but rock!


No that is just organic material that has developed over the years

Definitely impressive with their removal of the grass. I would expect them just to dig it all up without regards to maintaining the integrity of the lawn.

Dude I know, no shit, I took them beers at the end of the day…told them thanks a million times, which my Spanish is,not strong, so in their eyes I was probably passing around beers while telling them I like to sleep with goats.


I would love to have that much turf beefcake under my yard!