It's getting hot in here

In Rachio I trust, but it’s getting hot this weekend and it wants to water the lawn 5 times in the next 7 days. I did the soil test, and a catch cup test, so I assume all the advanced info I can provide is correct. Anything wrong with daily watering 3 days in a row or should be trying to make some adjustments to give my grass a least a day off.

Curious to hear from @azdavidr to see if your grass is trying to do the same thing this weekend?

Hahahahahahahah dude, you are going triple digits? That is insane! I don’t think you need to worry too much about fungus, that oven is going to sterilize the whole neighborhood!

Dude, just bring your grass in the house for the weekend,and, let it sleep with the dog


I’m also in AZ and I’m seeing every other day watering for my zones. Do you just have one grass zone? If you have multiple zones it may be watering a different zone each day

I have 3 grass zones that all fire together on the same day

They may not necessarily fire on the same day even if the schedules were started on the same day. It may vary because one zone may have been watered a little more one day during a manual run or maybe even because of rounding error. I know mine sometimes are off each other by a day. That being said mine may differ because of soil type. I have mine set to clay and I think from another one of your threads you have another soil type based on your soil test

@Modawg2k I’m holding a tad more steady. Did you end up changing your soil type after the mason jar test? I started one and like yours it sure looks like Sandy Clay or Sandy Clay Loam, but the water is far from settled and it’s been two weeks ! I changed to Clay Loam as the closest approximation too see how it would work. My watering times got quite long, so I also dialed roots back to 7". Anyway, here’s what it’s looking like for me:

@JPedrego, what are your durations ? I changed from fixed heads to rotors, so my pr dropped to 0.42 in/hr, 3.5x lower than what I used to have. I’m trying to cover to grips with the longer run times given they’ve been so much shorter for 20 years!

@Modawg2k. Correction, I’m at an 8 inch root depth.

I’ve got varying times. I still have fixed spray heads in all my zones so I don’t have a precipitation rate quite that low. Two of my zones are at 1.6 in/ hour so the run time is 37 mins. I switched the rest of my zones to pressure regulated heads and the rates dropped to between .7 and .96 but the efficiency is just absolutely terrible because the layout is poorly designed so the run times are very high. So my project for this weekend is to add a couple of new heads to try to bump up the efficiency

I’ve contemplated switching to rotors as well but like you said, the run time would increase pretty dramatically and because of my pooch I can’t have long run times that spill into the daylight hours unless I want him to run around in the Sprinklers a few mornings a week

Those MP Rotators that @robertokc recommended are a thing of beauty relative to my old heads. I have an odd shaped lawn as well and it was nice to be able to make fine increment angle adjustments, and +/- 25% throw adjustments, yet maintain the same pr. For that matter you could change from a MP1000 to MP2000 to further extend throw adjustment, and keep the same pr. Having said that,I certainly understand the pooch issue, which I don’t have since he uses the back yard with a small patch of artificial turf.

Thanks for your info. I have 4 cycles of 33 minute each, for a total of 132 minutes. Divide that by the 3.8x difference in our precipitation rates and I would be at 35 minutes with the same pr as you. I’d say we’re matched up! FYI, with 30 minute soaks in between the 33 minute watering, it takes 3.7 hours to complete my full cycle. You’d have to start quite early and your pooch would likely come back in with wet paws. Thanks!

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Fantastic. They were a good solution for a problem I had, too. Glad you like them.

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