It'll Be Interesting To See What This Does (Flex Daily)

Had fixed schedules in the past, because that was all that was available. Enter the Racho 3. At first set it up to more-or-less emulate what we’d had. But Flex Daily was calling to me.

When I first tried to set up Flex Daily, it was coming up with watering intervals and zone run times I knew couldn’t possibly be right. (E.g.: A zone that had been running 70 minutes per cycle, on even days, set to run for 30 minutes days apart.) Then I figured out what I could do with Advanced Settings.

Put in numbers for MAD and NIPH that yielded zone run times and a schedule nearly identical to what I knew worked in dry weather.

Then along came weather forecasts with a lot of rain over the next 9-10 days. It’s currently belaying watering for ten days.

It’ll be interesting to see what it does and how the plants and grass like it.

I will say this: We’ve had a really unusual spring and early summer, the result of which the lawn, at least, has been over-watered to the point of damage. Hopefully, the Rachio 3, with the right programming, will fix that.

What damage was done to your lawn from over watering?

I’m currently trying to figure out my flex daily advanced settings as well. Since doing a catch cup test my sprinklers precip rate is actually higher higher I had set so I’m trying to figure out if my lawn isn’t doing so well because it was being over watered or what.

It drowns it. Plant roots need to breath. Too much water and they can’t.

The first clue was brown patches showing up, randomly, all over the place. I knew it couldn’t possibly be under-watering, because, save for one period, we’ve had a lot of rain this season. And I knew it wasn’t grubs because the appearance wasn’t consistent with grub damage.

The second clue, the BIG wakeup call, was finding three patches of fungus growing in spots that are relatively sunny. “That ain’t good,” I said to myself.

Yeah… I don’t know if I can help you with that. I’ve traditionally played it by ear, which has been pretty easy around here because we’ve been in drought conditions more often than not since we’ve owned the home. Which meant if the lawn wasn’t healthy, it was certainly not enough water. What’s happened this season is a first for us.

What I’m trying to do is put Rachio’s intelligence to work for me, since I’m apparently not very smart, myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously: Just back off the watering and see what transpires. E.g.: Set the NIPR for each zone to reflect what you measured and see what happens.

what time of the day does your schedule run?

03:00 to nearly 09:00

I’m fascinated watching our Rachio 3 change its mind from day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour, based on the weather forecast and, I assume, what weather we actually get.

Right after I decided on an initial Flex Daily configuration a couple days ago it wanted to water on the 14th. It soon decided to push that back to the 18th. Then back to the 20th. At times it’s moved it back up to the 18th, and once even moved it out to the 21st.

Meanwhile, the random brown patches all over the lawn seem to be dissipating , with green coming back :slight_smile: