`it Rained today and the band played on

It rained today and the sprinklers went off as the original schedule nothing was changed. I would have expected a delay at least or a skip to say the least especially when these events occur at 5:00am and all the settings are set to the minimums. I know that weather changes rather quickly how fast does the system react to the weather changes? :cold_sweat:

@JNotar Please contact support@rachio.com. They can review your account and make sure settings are correct. Thanks.


@JNotar, I haven’t seen an email from you to our support team yet. I checked your account for this morning and noticed you’re using a PWS; was not skipped since station MID_UP597 observed 0.0 in and predicted 0.0 in of precipitation and the total threshold is 0.125 in (Thursday, June 11 04:05 AM)

I’d recommend we disable the PWS toggle and use a NWS until our v2.0 release, which we’re adding the ability to set Preferred Weather Stations. Currently the weather station will change as needed to closest station that is online and reporting the weather information needed for the Iro to make decisions, however, sometimes a PWS will report a value of 0 for rain fall, which isn’t always true as we’re experiencing with your account. PWS stations can also have a delay in reporting :pensive:

Hope this helps explain what happened.

Thank you Emil it makes total sense. I didn’t send the report because I put my name in the hat to be a Alpha Beta ha ha for the next go around hoping that that it might resolve the issue. but in the mean time if and when that happens i will flip the switch. You guys are the best. Thank you :pray:

@JNotar, getting close! Unfortunately weather stations are only as good as the person/company maintaining them. You’d be amazed to see some of the false readings they give…1000+ degrees, 100+ inches of rain, 10000 MPH winds…aka Armageddon. :astonished: