It rained last night and this morning, why didn't Rachio skip watering today?

It rained last night and this morning, I woke up this morning and saw Rachio watering my lawn?

Please let me know if I can submit anything to help the tech people troubleshoot this.

Thank you!

It was pouring this morning at my house and still my sprinklers came on.

What is your Rain Skip Threshold set to and do you have Rain Skip turned on for the schedule?

Go into moisture levels, look at details and see if precip recorded. If you are using a PWS, perhaps that PWS has stopped recording precipitation data (I just had to change the one I was using for that reason). If you are not using a PWS, I would recommend using one so that you get precip data closer to your actual location.

What is a PWS? I tried searching google to no avail.

Where did you buy yours?

Thank you!

PWS = personal weather station. You can choose a weather station close to your house by going to controller settings->weather intelligence->weather network then select weather starion


1st pic shows which PWS I have selected:

Then you select more info which takes you to that weather station:

Then I had to scroll down and select monthly and go back to June to see any rain in the graph but you need to make sure which ever one you select it measures rain


Thank you! My controller was set to aggregate and maybe that’s why it watered. I found one that’s just 1 block away.

BTW, do we know if these are personal weather stations that can be disabled or malfunction at anytime?

I wouldn’t mind investing in one.

How much was yours and what make/model is it?

@CurvedSpaceTime, this isn’t mine. It is about .28 miles from my house and I just keep an eye on it and make sure it continues to measure rain. I had one last year that was 1/2 mile from my house and actually got a notification that this one was closer to me so I changed over to it and haven’t had any issues.

I don’t think they are much more than a hundred dollars though.

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I don’t have my own yet, but I am getting ready to get a AcuRite 01210M ($170 on Amazon). I’ve been talking to @Gene who knows what he’s doing, and that is what he recommended. Once you install it and get your WU ID, he will be happy to set it up for Rachio to use.