Issue With Smart Cycle, not watering after soak

I am having an interesting issue when using Smart Cycle on a fixed schedule which controls only 2 zones. I have noticed I get the initial watering of zone 1 and 2 then it will allow a soak, its when it goes to water after the soak I get an indication on the App which indicates its running zone 1 but there is no water running. Both zones function fine otherwise, It just seems to do this when the Smart Cycle option is enabled. I am not sure if this problem is affecting my other schedule, but I have disabled it until I can investigate further. Any suggestions on how to get this to work correctly would be great, as I have heavy clay soil and like the concept of letting the water soak in. Thank you.

That’s odd. It looks like that zone ran for 6 minutes (the sort order is off in this history). Are you sure it wasn’t watering when it was running?


Yes, I am sure it wasn’t watering. I have had to intervene manually before to get the zones to water longer due to the flower beds drying up pretty bad. It does work normally with that setting disabled though.

I have a similar issue. It appears that the second cycle does not fully open the valve and there is not enough pressure for the sprinklers to operate. If I stop the cycle and manually run, it works fine.

I will have the engineering team review this tomorrow and let you know what is found.


i had the engineering team review and setup a controller with identical zones and attached solenoids creating an identical schedule. During each zone run after each soaking period the solenoids were activated. Unfortunately the team could not replicate the issue. If the cycle/soak software was the issue I would think that we would have had customers report of this last year. The customer success team can RMA the controller but I don’t know if that is the root of the issue. Might be helpful to post some wiring pics on a separate thread to make sure everything looks correct there.


Thank you for the reply Franz, I am confident its not the wiring as the system functions normally otherwise. One thing I did forget to mention is I have the wireless flow meter installed, and I never get a low flow warning when this occurs. I don’t know if that is a glitch or that’s not how the low flow alert is supposed to function. I guess if this ends up being an RMA what is the next step I need to take. Thank you.