Issue with days in Fixed run scheduling

I disabled my 5 zone Flex Daily schedule and created a Fixed schedule for the 5 zones where I chose Wednesday & Saturday. When you look at the calendar it put them on Tuesday & Friday. I do have another fixed schedule running Mon, Wed & Friday but it is scheduled to start 27 minutes after the 5 zone ends. 5 zone schedule ends at 6:33 AM and the 1 zone starts at 7 AM.

When I move the Fixed 5 zone run to Tues & Friday, it shows them on Mon & Thurs in the calendar. Moving it to Thursday & Sunday, it shows in the calendar as Wednesday & Sunday. Nothing consistent for me to trick the system.

How do I get this schedule to run Wed & Sat?

EDIT: I just changed it back to Tuesday & Friday and it is in the calendar as Monday & Friday. Not the Mon & Thurs as before. If I choose just one day - Wednesday - it’s on the calendar on Tuesday. Choosing only 1 day - Thursday - it’s on Wednesday. When I make the change on the days, I’m closing and reopening the app to be sure the change occurs in the app (rereading the settings).

I just changed the schedule to Thursday & Sunday and for now it is showing in the calendar as Wednesday & Saturday. However, it would be nice if what is entered in the schedule actually occurred in the calendar.

I recently saw something similar when creating a new fixed schedule and selecting a specific time it would repeatedly change the time I put in when saved. Had to delete and recreate the schedule to get around the issue.
Gotta love being the software testers for Rachio.

I created a fixed schedule for flower beds for Mon, Wed & Fri at 7 AM and it worked perfectly. The fixed schedule for 5 grass zones ending before sunrise for Wed & Sat run on Tuesday & Friday. The 5 zone schedule ending time doesn’t interfere with the flower bed schedule. Sure would be nice to have the days in the schedule match the days on the calendar.

How long do your grass zones run, if all of them are scheduled on the same day?

Chances are this has to do with the “end by sunrise”. I’ll bet the zones need to start before midnight of the previous day in order to end by sunrise on the days you want…

Yes, the new schedule for the 5 zones start at 11:18 PM. Should I split the 5 zones and run 2 on 1 day and 3 on another day so they all start after midnight?

What started this i.e.creating fixed instead of Flex daily is that my lawn is not receiving enough irrigation. I’ve set all of the parameters under advanced to the best of my ability and have my own weather station. Rachio wanted to water about 1/2 inch every week to 10 days. I have St Augustine and need about 1.5 inches per week.

EDIT: I split the 5 zones into a 3 zone schedule Tues & Friday and a 2 zone schedule on Wed & Sat. It all looks correct now. Thanks

Personally, I don’t think it really matters. The zones are going to water and does it really matter if the calendar shows them starting late the night before?