Issue Resolved

Although I love my Rachio, in the past I have encountered issues that occurred due to its complexity and bias toward the technologically proficient. I recently went to calibrate my flow meter, but was informed that is wasn’t communicating with the base, I removed/replaced the batteries and reset my Rachio3, all to no avail… My (genius) wife asked me if the problem might be caused by the fact that we recently upgraded our router. I followed the instructions on connecting to the router and BAM! problem solved. My little zone of dissatisfaction with Rachio’s operational philosophy shrank quite a bit and it felt good that I was able to do it myself. Score 1 for the little guy.


Yes, I find the Rachio much akin to the PC before Windows vs the user friendly Mac. Nothing is intuitive in their software. I curse the Rachio software designers every time I use it.

Looks like another case of hiring former Microsoft engineers. They seem to be the only ones who know how to use what they build.