ISM band in Europe - Gen 3 hub in Norway and France

Am considering using Rachio for my garden in Norway and holiday home in France. Have had an excellent discussion up to now but am narrowing down to two issues. First power supply - there are cheap compact converters 220 to 120 on the market. Does anyone have experience with these. Then the ISM band issue with the Gen3. Have searched for information on transmitter interference in Norway and France. Not getting any hits. Does anyone have a link here. The gen 3 is very attractive due to HomeKit ability. Finally (probably not the right place to ask) has anyone done a comparison with Hunter as a system, It is available in Norway OTC

A bit more information on the ISM band issue. Norway uses parts of the band 915 to 920 MHz for RFID and other very close device communication. I can see how the Gen3 could interfere with this. Pity! Is there any way of disabling the transmitter on the Gen3? I do not need the flow meter.

Unfortunately not currently.