Is Toro Precision Soil Sensor compatible

What is the latest on adding a soil sensor, specifically the Toro Precision Soil Sensor. A coworker of mine also has a Rachio and he swears it can work. Seems plausible since the soil sensor halts watering until MAD falls below 50 percent. What is the official word from Rachio emplitems on this discussion group?

A rain sensor has a simple relay On/Off output that causes a rain delay on ALL zones.

Wouldn’t the soil sensor have a similar effect?
Prevent watering on all zones based on the MAD reading from a single zone/spot?

This seems like a reasonable assumption. I will tell my coworker to give it a try, but I don’t think it necessary because of the way Rachio works. What does Rachio say?

Unless all zones are identical (vegetation, soil, slope, sun/shade, sprinklers, etc.) than the one sensor reading wont be representative of all zones.

I have thought about trying Parrot Flower Power sensor and an IFTTT recipe on one of my zones that includes a covered garden.

If it drove flex like some of the pros, then it would be amazing.