Is there a way to say "stop watering at a specific time?


We are only allowed to water before a certain time of day. Can I configure my Rachio to start whenever, but end by a certain time?


@alfredoj - at this time I’m not aware of anything one can do except start early enough. I’m in the same boat as you as I’m not allowed to water between 10 AM and 6 PM. Maybe with V3 - which may be close (in, but not with me?) to beta will have improved calendaring and scheduling - @franz would have to comment and they’ve been quiet/close to the vest on potential V3 features, improvments and changes.


@alfredoj @DLane

v3 will support this request.





Will v2 get the v3 firmware upgrade, or will we have to buy a new unit to get v3?


Gen 1 and Gen 2 will get v3 of our mobile app and firmware automatically.


Time of Day Restrictions



Any indication of timing when V3 will be released?


Sorry I can’t give any specific dates. We will release the software when it has passed all of our testing.