Is there a way to restart Rachio?

I manage bunch of Rachios under my account (as I was the one who helped these friends install Rachio). I find my brother’s Rachio reporting it is offline most of the times. But it does show that it watered some time those days. I have been seeing this for past week. My brother is on vacation.

I am thinking rebooting the unit might help. Is there a way to reboot the unit remotely so that its wifi will reconnect to router and the connection be more stable?


@Videoguy We can reboot the unit remotely, but only if connected to the internet. If you PM me the account username I can get the development team to reboot it.

Also, if it is having trouble staying connected, should have some things to try to make the connection more stable.


Can the consumer restart the unit remotley or only the Rachio support team?

Only the Rachio team can restart remotely.


You can add a simple Wi-Fi controlled switch to reboot it, which will work even if the controller has lost connectivity (as long as your internet connection is still working).

If your controller is plugged into a wall outlet, use something like
If it’s hardwired, something like
The above are just examples; you can often find single units for $6 or less. However, make sure that the unit you choose can be configured so it turns on when power is restored after a power failure, even without an internet connection.

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