Is there a way to reset history?

Is there a way to reset my usage history and start my reporting from scratch?

My rachio program was running even though my sprinklers are turned off for the season so it shows usage even though there wasn’t any. I would just like to wipe this out.

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@thepro8‌ I could see that as a useful feature in the future. I will add this to our backlog, hopefully we can implement soon.

Thanks and let us know if you have any more feedback!

@thepro8‌ Just thought of a brute force way to do this. If you open the slider menu you can remove the device from your account and then add as a new device. This will clear everything out. Unfortunately you will lose any schedules and have to rebuild :frowning:

Thanks Franz. I have some schedules int here I wouldn’t want to program, but for now, it’s good to know there is a work around.

Being able to do this manually will also be helpful for when blowing out sprinkler systems. I will keep my compressor going and just use my rachio to cycle through zones (while drinking on my deck). IT would be nice to delete this info after as it’s not using any water.

PS. If you guys keeps adding features based on community response you are going to get an amazing product in the end. I just saw a company on shark tank that did this and they were growing like crazy because of it!. Keep it up. Maybe even add a voting section to determine what people want most and implent those features.

@thepro8‌ Thanks for the feedback, shark tank is a great show. If you haven’t watched ‘The Profit’ that’s another great show. I added history removal to our backlog, we will just have to weigh priorities and resources. Thanks again!

Please add another vote for this feature.

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This happened to me, but I caught it early and my workaround was quick for six zones. I emptied every zone, then manually ran the sprinklers until the zones were full. Not perfect, but it got me back on track and a spring rain (presumably) finished the job.

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I am new to Rachio and not yet fully installed. My system (Gen2) had a prior life and I would love to delete the history file. I had access to the system’s old owner file and have set up everything. I would rather not have to do it all over.
All these notes are old with none saying the function was added, so I assume it was not.

Add me to the list of people who think it would be a good idea.

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This would be VERY nice.

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