Is there a way to link two zones together?

I have two zones for my backyard lawn, one for the upper half and one for the bottom half. The zones overlap in coverage in the middle of the lawn, probably ~50%. I have these zones in a flex schedule now, but they end up watering on different days usually due to the flexing. Is it possible to link these together into one schedule, so they both water on the same day?

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A fixed schedule will run zones together. Our 2.5 software release being submitted to the app store tomorrow(!) will have a much simpler schedule concept called water as needed. This will automatically adjust frequency and duration each month as well as skip schedules based on current weather data and zone moisture levels. It will run zones in the same schedule, and not independently like flex.

The forum posting below explains more regarding this concept.

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@becma27, just curious, are the zone attributes the same for each zone? i.e. cool season grass, loam soil, fixed head, etc?

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